Monday, February 19, 2007

IN-UIT Kayaks

Aled Williams
Aled Williams, formerly of Rockpool Kayaks, has launched a new company called IN-UIT to manufacture his latest kayak designs.

This company is formed to answer the increasing worldwide demand for his high quality and innovative designs. The kayaks will be built exclusively by a specialist kayak manufacturer, who employ skilled and experienced craftsmen, and use the latest laminating technology to create kayaks of a finer quality.

The new design ideas are realised with Computer Aided Design to give efficient hull shapes that retain the progressive handling characteristics associated with all Aled’s designs. The kayaks will be manufactured by vacuum infusion using the highest spec composites and resins. Two constructions will be offered: SuperLite and SuperTough.

• SuperLite kayaks will weigh approx 18Kg and consist mainly of carbon fibre, to give a very rigid and light weight build.
• SuperTough kayaks will weigh approx 22Kg and consist mainly of fine woven glass reinforced with aramid fibres. This popular construction makes for a durable and hardwearing build.

All kayaks will be available in a choice of custom colours, created especially for IN-UIT, and the ergonomic seating position and cockpit features will be refined.

Two sea kayak designs will be available in 2007:

• High performance coastal touring & rough water design
• Fast expedition design for extended trips

Aled looks forward to this exciting new venture and to sharing his innovative and high quality designs with like-minded kayakers who wish to experience the thrill of sea kayaking at its best


Anonymous said...

Formerly of Rockpool Kayaks??? What's the story?

Wendy Killoran said...

This has been quite a week in the paddling world!

Sea Kayak Mark said...

Aled feels he has an opportunity to expand into new markets by taking advantage of a situation in Europe

Rockpool Kayaks will continue to be available and manufactured in Holyhead under the supervision of Mike Webb

Anonymous said...

Hello Mark,
After the initial surprose. I wish the best of luck for Aled and Mike.
Certainly, the market for boats of such a good design and craftmanship is wide enough for both companies.
I am sure that whatever kayaks IN-UIT launches will be as top-class as Rockpool's. I would appreciate if you let us know the developments as they come.
By the way, how will this affect the Menai?

Sea Kayak Mark said...

At the moment, there seem to be more questions than answers

I hope this doesn't lead to too much speculation

Aled and Mike are taking different paths now and we are, in essence, bystanders on their journeys

What boats remain available and which boats become available will be decided in the near future, I hope