Friday, February 02, 2007

Amazing People - Pete Jones

Peter Jones, by his own admission, has been round the block a few times and picked up many a story on the way. At one time Pete was chief kayak instructor at the Anglesey Sea & Surf Centre and continues to enjoy working life as a freelance coach in North Wales and further afield

Pete has taken part on many major sea kayak expeditions, including West Coast Canada, Nova Scotia, Israel, Holland, Spain, Ireland, Outer Hebrides, St. Kilda, Orkney and Greenland (2000, 2002 and 2004) and is currently sponsored by Sea Kayaking UK

As a long standing paddler and respected coach, Pete holds true to old fashion values of adventure, exploration and enjoyment wherever you may be with your boat

In June 2006 Pete along with Martin Ricard and Phil Clegg flew out to Scoresbysund via Iceland to undertake another extreme trip, and they had to rely on a certain amount of good fortune with weather and ice conditions to complete the expedition..................

..........."Exploring such a wild and remote coast under your own steam in a sea kayak, knowing you are totally dependant on your self and two mates, and being able to get to places and seen things no one else has ever seen before is beyond description. As is the coast line itself and the ice. We knew it would be wild and impressive but never realised how much so. Nor did we appreciate how insignificant we would feel in such a huge and remote world. Seeing the polar bears, close and in the wild on their terms was amazing and if nothing else was worth all the effort................"

Pete doesn't blog nor does he have a URL but if you ever get to spend time in his company whether its over a pint, on an expedition or being coached it will be a rewarding experience

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Wendy Killoran said...

I met Pete once quite unexpectedly in Greenland in July of 2004. He was paddling a white NDK Greenlander Pro kayak with panache and spoke with our group just leaving Kulusuk near the Angmagssalik Fjord. He never said his name, but I recognize him from this photo.