Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bare Naked Climbers

Rock climbing, by its very nature, is an incredibly beautiful sport. Fluid, graceful motion, intense amounts of power, stunningly intricate technicalities & the pure harmonious blend of mind, body & spirit. Turns out there's a new trend, even purer, simpler and closer to nature. Climbing completely nude.

Photgrapher: Dean Fidelman

To do it completely naked simply captures that beauty perfectly. Without clothes, specialist shoes or other equipment, participants say the experience captures the 'true essence of the climbing spirit.'California based climber & photographer Dean Fidelman has even released calendars of the climbers in action, called "Stone Nudes."

Dean is reported to have said: 'This kind of climbing is the sport at its purest, and is intended to inspire and celebrate the human form. It requires no equipment which means climbers of all abilities can take part. Many are now participating in a sport that captures the true essence of the climbing spirit.'

To see more of Dean's work visit his website

Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Morning Wave

Photographer: Marc Lleyellyn

Framed by a sheltering copse of pandanus trees and a pair of opportunistic wave-hunters, a lucent Burleigh Cove barrel (indicated by an inclined driftwood log) begs for a little social intercourse. John Witzig tells us that ... the pandanus is common to the east coast of Australia, from Crescent Head north ... and all over the Pacific. The seeds float around in the ocean until they find a hospitable shore to germinate on.