Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sea Kayak Ireland 2010

Sonja Ewen of Dublin and Eila Wilkinson of Holyhead had separately been harboring a plan to circumnavigate Ireland. When they realized they both were planning to make the same trip they decided to become a team, and together they will depart on this adventure in May of 2010.

This is Sonja's home coast; she has paddled many parts of Ireland, and it has been a long term goal to join up all those pieces. She is working as a full time instructor with Deep Blue Sea Kayaking in Dublin.

Ireland is Eila's nearby neighbor, and it will be like an extended circumnavigation of the Outer Hebrides which she completed solo in 2009.

Ireland’s coastline holds many challenges, many major headlands to negotiate. The west coast is open to all that the Atlantic can throw at it, a surfer’s paradise. Depending on the route taken or allowed, the distance will be anywhere between 1500km to 1700km. They plan to carry what they need in terms of food and accommodation, which in itself will be a challenge for the length of time away.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Adventure is.......

According to Google, adventure is........

adventure is just beginning
adventure is a lot of fun
adventure is a way of life
adventure is growing
adventure is changing
adventure is the trip
adventure is unique
adventure is here

adventure is roaring
adventure is your heritage
adventure is no day at the beach
adventure is that you do not need money
adventure is about to grow up
adventure is where you find it
adventure is waiting for you
adventure is essential

adventure is in your blood
adventure is something wild
adventure is a step along the way
adventure is the responsible acceptance of risk
adventure is in a unique position to promote well being
adventure is what you make it
adventure is adventure
adventure is out there