Friday, February 09, 2007

Amazing People - Mike Webb

There are plenty of characters in the world of sea kayaking who have gained prominence for one reason or another. Often notoriety or fame has been gained through the completion of an epic adventure. Well behind every great journeyman is a great boat builder. In this case its Mike Webb.

Here is one of life's genuine down to earth and straight talking individuals. What Mike loves doing is building boats that people want to paddle and currently that pleasure is being satisfied as master constructionist for Rockpool Kayaks. Whilst Mike may appear irreverent of the opinions of others, he does hold dear a process of healthy discussion where both sides can justify their perspective. This can be particularly effective over a pint, or several, at symposiums or trade events.

Mike may choose to describe himself as a grumpy git but beneath that veneer, or years of gelcoat, that is someone with a twinkle in their eye and a tremendous sense of humour. He cares about his work and quite happily put the time in to complete a job when most people are already in bed. Mike's reward is knowing that Rockpool Kayaks have gained a reputation for being elegant, high performance and well constructed quality boats.

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