Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Get Out, Get Active

When the opportunity comes along to get out of the house and do something active, you should take it. Despite the fact that I'm passionate about sea kayaking, heading out in gale force conditions isn't always the wisest of moves. So after a phone conversation with my good friend Nick Cunliffe, we agreed that the next best thing was to get on some moving water of the fresh variety. The river we chose to descend is notorious for access problems with local fisherman which would be okay if it was of poor quality but that's not the case, it really is fantastic. Yet despite preparing ourselves for conflict it was a hassle free and enjoyable passage on a brilliant grade 3/4 river, there was even plenty of sunshine! The only spoiler of the day was me leaving my camera behind at the get out (happily it turned up later). We didn't paddle this river in order to seek controversy, its just a great experience. However, we should challenge those who wish to assume they are entitled to create hurdles for others in order to sanctify their own pastimes. Sometimes breaking the rules is the right thing to do.

Whatever your motives, its good to get out and get active...................who knows, you might have some fun along the way :0)

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Sea Kayak Mark said...

More information on river access issues in the UK can be found here:

If you feel strongly enough there is an on-line petition that can be signed here: