Friday, January 26, 2007

Amazing People - Freya Hoffmeister

For those of you yet to experience Freya Hoffmeister, here are some insights I have gained over the last few months since getting to know the 'Lady in Black'. Despite having heard stories of this amazing person, I had only met her briefly at what was once the Anglesey Sea & Surf Centre. That chance meeting was memorable enough that when I began to organise the 1st UK Storm Gathering, Freya was an obvious choice as a guest coach. Not only for her expert knowledge on Greenland Style rolling techniques but also, as my good friend Pete Jones remarked, to add to glamour to the proceedings.

During the event Freya ran a number of rolling classes as well as doing some demo sessions on performance Inuit rolling for a local school group. Every student under Freya's tutelage came away beaming that they had accomplished several rolls as well as praising her calm and clear coaching manner. She was always first on the water and last off to ensure everyone got a far share of her time which takes some dedication in the turgid waters of Fionnphort harbour.

Yes, Freya still likes to wear mostly black but on occasion, off the water, she was spotted wearing clothing of a less stealth like nature. Her entry in to the Keel Row (Fionnphort's only pub) each evening caused many a man to consider forsaking his vows! Does that make her a woman to be wary of? I don't think so. Magnificent and entertaining is more likely with the ability to be charming and teutonic at the same time! She is clearly a fun loving yet hard working individual, you'd have to be to maintain that lifestyle (and enormous mobile home).

Freya has reached a certain status in the sea kayaking world which makes her the current 'femme de jour'. Rocpool Kayaks have produced what will surely become Freya's signature kayak - the Underground . Sea Kayaker magazine has written about her and soon we will all see Freya in This Is The Sea 3 . You can learn more about Freya's global activities through her blog . She happens to make a really good folding kayak trolley


Wendy Killoran said...

Freya is an exuberant and accomplished paddler, and I was happy to have her paddle the rocky south shore of Newfoundland this past spring with me. (This woman in black had red pants and white socks:-) Freya's exuberance is contagious!

Sea Kayak Mark said...

Your absolutely right Wendy, Freya really does possess great energy and a zest for life. She has achieved many a great thing and not just in sea kayaking. I look forward to paddling with her again some day :0)