Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Objects of Desire

Apple Macintosh computers have been my favourite since I stumbled into the IT lab at University many years ago and could get things working straight away. I've stuck with them ever since going from a Classic to an iMac then to a Mini Mac. I've gone through progressive versions of the Apple laptops too from Powerbooks to iBooks and soon to a MacBook. Macs have always done the job for me

The hardware has always been stylishly presented and Apple has created some amazing 'must have' accessories in recent years including the now ubiquitous iPod. So what could they come up with next?

Well, ending months of speculation and putting millions of jabbering technophiles out of their misery, Apple finally unveiled their latest super-stylish cash-raker: the iPhone. As well as ground-breaking web capabilities, you can expect tweaked versions of the iPod’s standard music and video playback functions. Makes calls too, apparently.


Anonymous said...

So Mark are you going to buy one ? Do they come with starfish on with a waterproof option ?

best regards John

Sea Kayak Mark said...

Hey John, thanks for looking in on my blog

I'm sure some starfish could be added if they don't come as standard!

Here's the best parody of the iPhone doing the rounds

Hope all is well :0)