Friday, January 19, 2007

Amazing People - Aled Williams

Aled Williams is synonymous with three things. He is a talented kayaker within many disciplines, he is an innovative boat designer and Aled is a very generous individual. As plenty has been written about the first two, I will focus on the last statement.

I have had the pleasure knowing Aled for over a decade and in the that time he has always presented himself to an upbeat individual with a positive, magnanimous and encouraging outlook. I have personnaly gained from Aled's support by being conferred sponsored Rockpool Kayaker status. An honour I have enjoyed for over a year now and something my students have benefited from by having access to his boats. Aled and Mike at Rockpool have continued this theme with Freya Hoffmiester, Wendy Killoran and Derrick Mayoleth. Aled was also happy to put his company's reputation against my fledgling efforts as organising a sea kayak symposium - 1st UK Storm Gathering. When all said and done, I think the behaviours Aled exhibits are rare in business and even scarcer in day to day life. To be willing to help others progress and with little asked in reurn other than to enjoy the opportunity is quite special indeed. Thank you Aled for making these things happen.

Its good to recognise amazing might inspire us to be amazing ourselves


derrick said...

Nice post Mark! I look forward to meeting Aled in person in May when I come over. I've been struck as well with his good nature and generosity. He and Mark certainly deserve all the attention they get.

Wendy Killoran said...

Mark, thank you for your supportive post about Aled. I too feel very honoured that Aled is so generous. I have enjoyed your outstanding photos at the Rockpool Kayaks website and would have very much liked to have been at the First Storm Gathering at Mull. I'll get to meet Aled at the Spanish Sea Kayak Symposium in late March in Spain.