Friday, June 01, 2007

Top Tips - Launching Locations

It's surprisingly easy to head out from shore on a day-trip without a backward glance, only to struggle to find the place you launched from when returning. Whenever you set off from a new location, remember to look back frequently to see what the launch place looks like from the water. As you paddle further away different landmarks that are not visible from close to shore can slide into sight. When you return you can use the same visual clues to approach the general area, then pick up on the detailed visual clues to guide you back to your landing. Bear in mind too that a falling or rising tide can change the appearance of a coastline, and may turn your cliffs with water lapping at the base into broad stretches of rocks and sand with cliffs rising from the sand hundreds of yards from the water. Refer to your chart to determine what the coast will look like at high and low water before setting off. That way you won't be have that unpleasant surprise upon your return. Remember also, in some places the shore at low tide dries out considerably from the high water line making for a very different place indeed!

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