Friday, October 27, 2023

EMS Mnemonics - DCAP BTLS


EMTs shoul be aware of the mnemomic DCAP-BTLS and how it is used as part of the patient assessment process to identify potential injuries.

Here's what it stands for:

D - Deformities: Look for any visible abnormalities or misalignments of bones or joints.

C - Contusions: Observe for bruises or areas of localized bleeding under the skin.

A - Abrasions: Check for superficial scrapes or scratches on the skin's surface.

P - Punctures/Penetrations: Assess for any wounds caused by objects piercing the skin.

B - Burns: Identify any burns or evidence of thermal injuries.

T - Tenderness: Note areas of pain or tenderness when touched.

L - Lacerations: Look for cuts or tears in the skin.

S - Swelling: Observe for any abnormal swelling or edema.

By systematically evaluating each element of DCAP-BTLS, EMTs can identify potential injuries and prioritize appropriate care for trauma patients. 

Remember, this information is not a substitute for formal medical training.

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