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December's Newsletter


Here at Greenland or Bust, we are incredibly excited about the coming year. First off, registration for Storm Gathering USA starts on Monday! This three-day event is based off the other event that we organize, the UK Storm Gathering. The website is up and running, with complete event information, including coaches, sponsors and the schedule. Check it out, and ask us if you have any questions.

Another major thing that's coming up is our attempt to circumnavigation Jamaica. We fly there on Dec 28, meet up with Wes Moses and spend the next few weeks paddling around the place. Special thanks to our awesome sponsors for supporting the expedition! Helen will be using gear provided by Kokatat,  Snap Dragon,  Barz Optics, WindPaddle SailsOutdoor Research and Joe O' Paddles. Mark and Wes will be using gear provided by Kokatat, Snap Dragon, Barz Optics, WindPaddle Sails and Celtic Paddles.

In other news, we are putting together our 2015 Rebel Kayaks sponsored Nordic Tour. We have confirmed classes scheduled in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The tour will be from May 23 to August 30. The complete schedule will be posted in early next year.

We are also guiding an expedition in Antarctica from December 31, 2015 to January 27/28, 2016. Wanna go with us? E-mail us at for details.

Storm Gathering USA, planning Jamaica and setting up the Nordic Tour have kept us really busy throughout November, although we did have time for a few other activities. Helen led a Traditional Skills Paddle, a surf and crabbing session and did a presentation titled "South Greenland Expedition and the Greenland National Kayaking Championship" for our local kayaking club, Explore North Coast. Mark ran two Canoe Wales 'Coaching Matters' programs - "Who's Leading Who" and "Overcoming Anxiety With Action," as well as BCU 4 Star courses on Anglesey, Wales.

In December, we have Simplifying the Roll classes taking place in Dana Point and Marina Del Rey. We'll also be spending some time catching up with family before heading to Jamaica!

We hope that you have a fantastic Holiday season. Don't forget to register for Storm Gathering USA on Monday. That's one water based party you don't want to miss.

As usual, visit for more information and our current Events calendar and Blog postings. For questions, comments or to schedule us in your neighborhood, e-mail

Happy paddling!

Helen and Mark

Dr. T's Coaching Corner

Paddling performance is said to be influenced by the interaction of technical, tactical, physiological and psychological factors (TTPP).

This 'TTPP components model' (BCU, 2006) can be used to structure long-term practice and help individuals identify which dimension(s) may need further development in order to achieve optimal performance on the water.

Technical represents the individual skill that, when executed well, forms the technical template of 'best practice' for a stroke.

Tactical represents how we apply those skills in any given environment through our understanding of timing, angle, edge, trim, speed, cadence, use of water features… and so on.

Physiological represents a paddler's endurance, flexibility, strength, ability to hydrate and balance nutritional needs.

Psychological represents our ability to overcome anxiety, manage arousal, determine self-belief / confidence and motivational reasoning.

Being able to assess obstacles within each factor can help us adopt the right tools and tactics, such as goal setting, variation of practice, strength endurance use of imagery and self talk to help us achieve the greatest gains in overall performance.

Future newsletters will highlights some of the strategies we can use to develop each domain. Stay tuned!

Program Schedule

Simplifying the Roll: December 13, Dana Point, California

Simplifying the Roll: December 20, Marina Del Rey, California

Jamaica Circumnavigation Attempt: December 28, Jamaica

Storm Gathering USA: March 6 to 8, Trinidad, California

Simplifying the Roll: March 28, Anglesey, Wales

Combat Rolling: March 29, Anglesey, Wales

4 Star Sea Training and Coastal Navigation: March 30 to April 3, Anglesey, Wales

Anglesey Adventure Week: April 6 to 10, Anglesey, Wales

Simplifying the Roll: April 11, Anglesey, Wales

Combat Rolling: April 12, Anglesey, Wales

Paddle Marathon Laguna Bacalar 2015: May 1 to 3, Bacalar, Mexico

…And Finally

Working on your roll and need a little help? Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson and Yoga for Outdoor People are available from our on-line store HERE

Yoga for Outdoor People can also be purchased as a download from the Digital Goods Store.

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