Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 Benefits of Reviewing

Here are 10 benefits that make reviewing a 'must do' after a learning experience
1. You are more in touch with learners' perspectives
2. You are developing their communication skills
3. You are developing participants' skills (yours and theirs)
4. You are adding value to what is already happening
5. You are making benefits more tangible
6. You are generating evidence for evaluation
7. You become more alert and responsive
8. You help participants clarify and achieve their objectives
9. You make transfer of learning more likely
10. Participants enjoy it
Here are 10 reasons for why we should engage in reviewing
1. Adding value to the experience
2. Getting unstuck
3. Achieving objectives
4. Opening new perspectives
5. Developing observation and awareness
6. Encouraging self-expression
7. Using success
8. Providing support
9. Empowering people
10. Caring about the participants
Here are 10 benefits when engaged in active reviewing processes
1. It is more likely to engage all learning style preferences.
2. It creates better integration between talk and action.
3. It provides more ways to communicate, learn and develop.
4. It produces more dynamic, enriched and focused reviewing.
5. It gives better access to intuitive and tacit knowledge.
6. It pays more attention to the experience of reviewing.
7. It generates more effective learning from experience.
8. It allows more realistic testing of future plans.
9. It increases the range of strategies for effective transfer.
10. Active reviewing is even more enjoyable!
Lean more about reviewing from Dr Roger Greenaway

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Douglas Wilcox said...

Good stuff Mark, on our masters course we get students to review both what they learned and how they worked as a team after each of their problem based learning sessions.

Does this count?

Have a great 2010 :o)