Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Visions & Voyeurism

Photographer: Kayak Wendy

It may be the fact that folk are feeling summer has suddenly sprung forth as we've been enjoying a few days of glorious sunshine here in the UK but is that any reason to suddenly go native any any opportunity? The inspiration behind this post is based on recent incidents where I have paddled / stumbled across cases of beach related frolicking involving people 'sans' clothes. It would appear that I'm not the only one either. Fellow paddler, Kayak Wendy, has also come across those overcome by the sun on her travels.

Photograher: Bob Greenfield

Having recently travelled to Mull for some sea kayaking, I planned to land on a beach at the north end of Iona. An island known for its religous significance and pilgrimages. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, a group of young ladies had decided to commune with nature unaware that anyone may come across them from a vantage point of the sea. What suprised me was their lack of urgency to cover up when I floated into view. We all went our separate ways smiling.

Photographer: Lucinda Manouch

The other occasion was closer to home in North Wales where I was running a kayak safety and rescue session. Whilst the candidates performed suitable tasks, a young couple came rushing into the lake (not a warm mass of water) gave a few shriekd and yelps (of gleee I think) and then dashed back to their van. Maybe they were in desperate need of a wash!

Photographer: Lazlo Woodbine

I know paddlesport can offer a lot...............but you don't expect that!


Wendy Killoran said...

In Spain, this seems to be more prevalent than ever! Naked and topless beauties are strewn over the beaches. What an eye sore for the dedicated paddler of pristine places;-)

Dot Stewart said...

After a long dark Scottish winter the promise of summer can be powerful! The first hint of warmth from the sun combined with a (supposedly) deserted beach (albeit not a tropical one) and crystal clear waters can certainly bring the temptation to throw off the thermal underwear and dive in.

I had a theory that this instinct was based on a shared cultural/’land’ memory – in a place where people were practically sewn into their “base layers” for the winter months, throwing them off and immersing yourself in the sea was probably a necessity rather than a frivolity!

However, this may have been disproved by Wendy’s comment – unless all these Spanish beauties have Scottish roots?!

Sea Kayak Mark said...

Having work on the mediterranean coast in both France and Spain, you come to expect a certain alfresco approach to nature from our european cousins. Brits on the other hand, generally, have a more robust approach to such matters unless, overcome by alcohol, usually!