Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shareware Resources

These are a number of resources that I have gathered together over recent years that I give to students on my courses 

As very few ideas are completely original these days, this stuff is essentially shareware and original sources have been acknowledged where possible

Download what you feel is relevant and if you make any additions or alterations let me know so I can keep things up to date 

All the best

BCU History

Beaufort Scale

IALA 'A' Bouyage Markers

Environmental Awareness

Fundamental Paddling Skills

Greenland Clothing History

Greenland Paddles

Paddling Locations in North Wales


Incident Management Plan


Learning Styles

LTPD Pathway

Making Presentations


Phonetic Alphabet

Repair Kit Ideas

Sea Kayak Safety

Sea Kayak Risk Assessment

Sea Safety and Rescues

Undertsanding The Shipping Forecast

Surf Locations In North Wales

Tidal Constants For North Wales

Towing Systems

Trip Planner

Trip Planning

Use Of Video In Coaching

VAK Test Including Indicators

Weather & Tides

Effects of Wind & Land On The Sea-1

Effects of Wind & Land On The Sea-1

Please revisit the main forum from time to time for additional material in the coaching and instructional notes category

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