Saturday, March 25, 2006

Feedback - Andy Morris

Cheers Mark for conviencing me that to give sea kayaking a go 

All these years I've fancied myself as a bit of a whizz at paddling rivers in kayaks and open boats but never really thought of what experiences sea kayaking could open up for me 

Well, I just thought I'd post these pictures and say thanks for opening my eyes to the potential 

Perhaps we should get that Scottish paddling course off the ground :0)

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Heather Emms said...

I was so jealous when I saw your photos, that I said a very rude word just as my supervisor walked into the office with a cup of tea for me! It's not often he makes me a cup of tea, and now it's very unikely he'll ever make me another!

If you are off making friends with dolphins again, contact me - pleeeeease! Mark taught me to sea kayak too, but he seemed to find it more fun tipping me upside down than taking me to see dolphins! (He'll drown me if he ever reads this!) Seriously, though, if you want a sea paddling buddy do get in touch, as the wildlife is a big part of it for me - I want to go to British Columbia next year to see the orcas. I'll be at Marks Storm Gathering Symposium in Scotland and as I'm taking my Sea Kayak L3 Coach training next week, I'll also be on the lookout for victims to coach, so...