Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BCU 4 Star Sea Training With CNTP: March 30 to April 3, Anglesey

Date: March 30 - April 3, 2015.

Location: Anglesey

Cost: £350 non-residential

Includes: 4 Star Sea Training & Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning.

Description: This five-day training course will cover the necessary elements of leadership, group safety and seamanship skills, as well as developing personal performance as set out in the BCU 4 Star Sea and CNTP syllabi.

Completion of the training course will lead to a personalised action plan in preparation for the BCU 4 Star assessment. The course will cover:

Personal Paddling Skills

• Lifting, carrying and launching/landing
• Efficient and effective sea paddling skills
• Forward paddling
• Reversing and stopping
• Maintaining direction
• Changing direction
• Moving sideways
• Support strokes
• Rolling
• Practical navigation

Rescue Skills, Safety, Leadership and Group Management

• Boat and shore based safety and rescue skills
• Incident management and first aid in the 4 star environment
• Being an effective team leader and team member in rescues/incidents
• Application of leadership
• Leadership strategies, judgement and decision making
• Safety awareness and risk management
• Group control and management
• Equipment


• Safety (includes coastguard and rescue services)
• Weather
• Hypothermia/first aid
• Access
• Planning
• Group awareness and management
• Navigation
• Etiquette (includes collision regulations and signals)
• General (and historical)
• Leadership responsibilities
• Water features/hazards

Prerequisites: BCU 3 Star standard skills.

BCU Information: For syllabus details, visit the BCU website.

Contact: For more information, write to us at

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