Friday, July 24, 2009

Objects of Desire

With so many electrical devices plugged in all around your house it starts to become worryingly apparent exactly why this globe of ours is spluttering so. Not to mention the inconvenience of lugging around 6 chargers every time you decide to leave the house for longer than 24 hours to ensure that you don't completely lose contact with civilisation. You already cycle and walk most places, so why not take the next logical step and get yourself a wind powered battery charger. It straps onto your arm, bicycle, boat or dog, you can pretty much strap it to anything.

The wind turns the propeller, which in turn powers the turbine and creates enough energy to power up your rechargeable gizmos. All you need to do is plug the battery unit into your iPod, mobile phone or PDA and you'll soon have enough of a charge to see you through the next phone call or playlist. Perfect for the little green person inside all of us and it's incredibly satisfying to say that your mobile is wind powered!

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