Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Morning Wave

"We start going downhill as soon as we stop taking risks" - Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton is known as the guiding genius of crossover board sports, and he is truly amazing in the water. His size - six-foot-three, 215 pounds - makes him seem indestructible. 'Laird is the elder son of 60's surfing legend Bill Hamilton, and is a throwback to that time when surfers prided themselves on being all-around waterman. He learned to surf between the ages of two and three on the front half of a surfboard, and at age eight, his father took him to the 60-foot cliff at Waimea Falls where Laird looked down, looked back at his dad, and jumped. 'He's been bold since day one,' says Bill, 'and hell-bent on living life to the extreme.'

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