Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Long Term Student Development - Day 5

Location: Menai Straits/Puffin Island, Anglesey.

: Richard Janes

Student Goal:
Leadership issues and preparation for BCU 4* assessment

Coaching Points:

Shaping a course - Discussed with RJ the implications and decision making needed in relation to the direction of Puffin island circumnavigation. Bearining in mind the strength of the North going stream was due to increase. Decision to paddle North side of island first. Thereby facilitating crossing of Puffin sound and a stronger tidal stream.

Plan to arrive at Lighthouse (Trwyn Penmon). Ferry angle chosen crossing to South of Perch rock and keeping out of breaking waves (Note comment in Gordon Browns book; ‘Use 20 degrees for each knot of tide being crossed’). Easy to then drift/paddle to lighthouse.

RJ has moved away from paddling a 'plastic fantastic' barge and as such it was relevant to go through options for landing with composite boats on rocky and steep shores.

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