Friday, March 28, 2008

Long Term Student Development – Day 2

Location: Porth Eilian and Point Lynas, Anglesey.

Students: Richard Janes, Paul Williams

Student Goals: RJ and PW both interested in turning skills. RJ wanted to improve ability to make crisp, sharp turns. PW focus to improve turning in windy conditions.

Coaching Points:

Outside edge turn - whilst holding edge, return for further sweep strokes with paddle skimming water (similar to low brace position). Stable and uses short waterline length for fast turn. If necessary include paddle stroke on ‘upside’ to maintain stability and speed. (“Eureka” moment for RJ)

Inside edge turn - don’t lean heavily on paddle which will slow boat down and be ready to propel boat forward as momentum is lost

Outside edge used with bow rudder - worked well for PW with wind assistance to push bow around

Breaking in / out of flow at Point Lynas - further practice using boat edges. In this situation speed and angle are key elements when sweeping bow into flow and initiate turn. Reverse sweep to continue turn, pivoting on eddy line. N.B – Low angle approach means less edge. Conversely high angle entry needs more edge.

Exercise to improve boat handling skills - Paddle tight box around partners kayak, each direction and reverse. Useful exercise to develop sharp turns and control for use in (eg) rescue situations.

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