Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long Term Student Development – Day 1

Location: Little Orme, Llandudno Bay

Students: Richard Janes; Paul Williams

Student Goals: Paddle to Rhos Bay using conditions for specific coaching points

Coaching Points:

Group Leadership - Paddling in turbulent water. Look for signs of tension within group such as focussed, “wooden” and overly upright paddling style. Consider strategies to help individuals within group to relax. Early explanation of expected conditions, stay reasonably close, words of encouragement / praise

Personal Skills - Forward paddling for power: high angle paddle blade. Enter as if “spearing a fish” Worry less about paddle exit, concentrate on entry and catch. Forward paddling for cruising: low angle. Enter water further away from hull. Mentally consider blade moving diagonally away from hull.

Further considerations - Whenever possible, allow time for mental and physical warm up before paddling more challenging conditions. Tensions may be present for multitude of reasons (Perhaps group member swam previous trip?)

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