Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Objects of Desire

I saw this featured on the Jonathan Ross Show the other night

Apparently the cunning Germans have developed a 'boil in the can' Cheeseburger. Jonathan Ross sampled this along with a packet of dehydrated red wine
I must admit that what came out of the can during his broadcast didn't look nearly as appetising as the picture above but then again these things rarely do!

Whilst it might be an odd thing for most outdoor folk to consider buying for a trip into the wilderness I don't think its the mark of moral decline as some bloggers are suggesting

There are often times on extended trips and expeditions when the subject of food comes up, especially the things people crave. There's a good chance that the ubiquitous burger gets a mention. Well, now every well prepared leader can pull on out of the bag to see how that boosts moral :0)

Should you want to actually buy these items, go to the Trekking Mahlzeiten website

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