Friday, March 02, 2007

Amazing People - Alys Mendus

Alys Mendus is a great source of inspiration to me. There are only a handful of people I know who can fill theirs lives with as much productive activity. Alys has the energy, enthusiasm and passion for life that sustains a remarkable sense of being. Every hour of every day is engaged in fufilling something of purpose and benefit. And this is not just in some sort of self indulgent way, Alys has the desire and willingness to share what she knows and what she loves with as many others who are open to such generosity.

In the time I have known Alys, which is over a decade now, she has proved to be to be a trustworthy, reliable and enthusistic friend. Alys possesses great maturity and conducts herself with reassuring confidence and efficiency. Qualities that I feel are particularly valuable traits in this modern society of ours. Whether its in the mountains, on a snowboard or clinging to a rock face, Alys such can't help herslef but get stuck in. Such is the boundless 'joi de vive' Alys possesses. She's even promised to give sea kayaking in the UK a go, though Alys has been spoilt by the trips she completed in New Zealand (which is a lot warmer and sunnier).

Photo: Alys Mendus Collection

If you were ever searching for a vibrant and wonderful travelling companion to have great adventures with......look no further

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