Sunday, May 19, 2024

EMS Celebration - EMS Week 50th Anniversary

“EMS Week celebrates all EMS providers who diligently care for their patients and communities in times of crisis,” states NAEMT President Susan Bailey, MSEM, NRP.

'Honoring Our Past, Forging Our Future’ reflects on the proud history and contributions of EMS practitioners. We must remain focused on evolving, innovating, and ensuring EMS has the necessary support to respond to the public's call for help effectively.

This year, marking the 50th anniversary of National EMS Week, we pay tribute to those who paved the way, challenging norms and setting higher standards.

Simultaneously, we anticipate the future, leveraging their work to shape a path for the next generation of EMS professionals dedicated to community service.

Sunday, May 19: Health, Wellness & Resilience Day

Monday, May 20: EMS Education Day

Tuesday, May 21: EMS Safety Day

Wednesday, May 22: EMS for Children Day

Thursday, May 23: Save-A-Life Day (CPR & National Stop the Bleed Day)

Friday, May 24: EMS Recognition Day

Saturday, May 25: EMS Remembrance Day

Further Reading:

Woodyard, D.R. (2023) EMS in the United States: Fragmented Past, Future of Opportunity. Colorado: Donnie Woodyard

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