Sunday, January 14, 2024

EMS Mnemonics - LEMONS

The LEMONS mnemonic is a helpful tool for EMS providers to assess the viability of airway intubation.

Here's what you need to know about it:

- L: Look Externally: Assess the patient's anatomy, facial trauma, and potential airway obstructions.

- E: Evaluate the 3-3-2 Rule: Ensure that the patient has at least three fingers' width of space between the incisors, three fingers' width from the angle of the jaw to the hyoid bone, and two fingers' width from the thyroid cartilage to the floor of the mouth.

- M: Mallampati Score: Determine the Mallampati score, which classifies the visibility of the oropharyngeal structures. This helps predict the ease of intubation.

- O: Obstruction / Obesity: Identify any airway obstructions or obesity-related challenges that may affect the intubation process.

- N: Neck Mobility: Assess the patient's ability to extend their neck and achieve optimal alignment for intubation.

- S: Stiffness: Evaluate the stiffness or rigidity of the patient's chest wall, as this may complicate bag-mask ventilation and intubation.

By considering these factors, EMS providers can better prepare for airway intubation and make informed decisions to ensure patient safety and successful intubation.

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