Tuesday, June 12, 2018

ACA River Rescue Technician

This course is aimed at Professional Rescuers: Firefighters, BLM Rangers, Search and Rescue Personnel, Whitewater Guides, Trip leaders, boaters paddling on more challenging whitewater, and anyone desiring opportunities to develop their rescue skills. Themes of this dynamic course revolve around the recognition of hazards, critical judgment, and rescue awareness. 

Emphasis is placed heavily on self-rescue techniques and approaching rescue scenarios simply and safely. Apply new and refined skills in mock-rescue scenarios using a minimal amount of gear. These scenarios create an opportunity for participants to practice skills individually and with a team context. 

Scope and content of the course will vary, based on participant needs, interests and experience. Topics covered include extricating pins, using rescue vests, managing strainers, dealing with entrapment, and proficient swimming skills.

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