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July's Newsletter

Every now and then life reminds us that no matter how much we plan and prepare, the unexpected can happen when you least expect it. July's newsletter is a little late this month because we've had one of those unexpected months, and it has taken us a few weeks to pick up the pieces and move forward.
Over the past few weeks our Nordic Tour has taken us to Bergen, Fitjar, Bekkjarvik and Oslo in Norway, Rungsted and Copenhagen in Denmark and Grebbestad in Sweden. It has taken us to many incredible places, such as Naeroyfjord and Preikestolen in Norway. We've caught up with old friends and made new ones and have had many wonderful days teaching on gorgeous seas and lakes. For the most part the weather has been hot and sunny, a reminder that summer is in full force, and evenings outside under a summer sun that never truly sets have been magical.
Unfortunately, June also brought about a bad car accident for us, which resulted in minor injuries and the loss of our vehicle and two kayaks. After this incident, the kayaking community helped us out immensely, picking us up and getting us back on our feet. Thank you to everyone for your support, love and kindness. It is wonderful to be part of such a large global family.
Now we're in the first week of July, and things are looking more positive. Our injuries are mostly healed, and Rebel Kayaks has loaned us a car and two new kayaks. The first part of the tour is over, and we're now in route to South Greenland where we'll be guiding a 12 day expedition. The expedition will take us to several villages, some natural hot springs and the Greenland National Kayaking Championship. This will be our fourth trip each to Greenland, and we can't wait to be back. Greenland is a wonderful place, and in less than a week we'll be experiencing the serenity and magic of Greenland as we paddle around majestic icebergs and relax on secluded beaches. For those who are interested in joining us for a future trip, our next Greenland expedition is planned for the summer of 2016.
After Greenland the second part of the Nordic Tour begins with classes in Nynashamn, Sweden on July 24. The remainder of the tour takes us to several locations in Sweden and Denmark. The tour continues through August 31. For tour dates and locations, please visit the Events page of our website.
Later this year we have classes and symposia scheduled in the U.S., Wales, Scotland, Israel and Mexico. We've also got a rather exciting expedition planned in December, but more on that later…
As usual, visit www.greenlandorbust.org for more information and our current Events, Shop and Blog postings. For questions, comments or to schedule us in your neighborhood, email info@greenlandorbust.org
Happy paddling!
- Helen and Mark

Helen's Mentoring Madness
In recent weeks we've heard a lot of people talking about "rolling kayaks." Essentially, a "rolling kayak" is a kayak that is designed to be easier to roll than a standard sea kayak. So is a rolling kayak a good thing? The answer is yes and no. With good technique, a roll can be done in any type of kayak, which is why it is best to never take away a student's kayak. If a student tells you that their kayak doesn't roll, get in it and show them that it does. This is better than putting them in in a kayak that will roll up when using poor technique. A beginner roller needs the feedback that a standard kayak provides. If they come up, the roll was done right. If they don't, then technique needs to be adjusted.
So who should use a "rolling kayak?" Those with good technique already. A rolling kayak will be gentler on the body during extended rolling practices, will be more comfortable during some of the more complicated rolling maneuvers and the low profile of these kayaks makes them look very slick. Plus, they're fun to roll. So remember, if you use a "rolling kayak," focus on good technique. Enjoy your "rolling kayak," but make sure you're doing the rolls correctly.
Program Schedule
• South Greenland Expedition: July 9 to 20, South Greenland
Nordic Tour:
• May 23 to July 4 and July 24 to August 31
• May 24 to 25 – Helsingborg, Sweden
• May 30 to June 1 – Bergen, Norway
• June 7 to 9 – Fitjar, Norway
• June 14 to 15 - Bekkjarvik, Norway
• June 26 - Rungsted, Denmark
• June 27 to 29 – Copenhagen, Denmark
• July 1 to 3 - Oslo, Norway
• July 4 to 5 – Grebbestad, Sweden
• July 24 to August 4 – Nynashamn, Sweden
• August 5 to 7 - Stockholm, Sweden
• August 9 to 10 – Mora, Sweden
• August 12 to 14 – Karlstad, Sweden
• August 16 to 17 – Frederiksværk, Denmark
• August 20 to 21 – Svendborg, Denmark
• August 23 – Malmo, Sweden
• August 24 – Karlshamn, Sweden
• August 29 to 31 – Sandhamn, Sweden
• Traditional Paddlers' Gathering: September 4 to 7, Lake Carlos State Park, Minnesota
• BCU 4 Star Sea Assessment: September 13 to 14, Anglesey, Wales
• Intermediate / Advanced Leader and Trip Planning Training: September 22 to 26, Anglesey, Wales
• Simplifying the Roll: September 27, Anglesey, Wales
• Combat Rolling: September 28, Anglesey, Wales
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