Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Greenland or Bust Expeditions: South Greenland

Photographer: Glenn Mattsing/Outside Magazine.

Considered by many as the birthplace of the Inuit qajaq, Greenland’s coastal waters offer a sea kayaker some of the finest paddling, probably anywhere in the world. Whether gliding over mirror-like fjords at sunset or battling through moving pack ice in stormy tidal passages, time spent traversing the coastline will not be easily forgotten. The wildlife, miles of unpopulated wilderness shoreline, the calving glaciers and icebergs as well as stunning light conditions make for a rich and varied experience.

Dates: July 8 to 22

Location: South Greenland

Guides: Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer

Description: Greenland or Bust is offering a 15-day guided expedition in South Greenland. 12 days will be spent on the water. There will also be an opportunity to access the surrounding mountain ranges and visit local Greenlandic communities.

What is included?: Access to essential expedition equipment: sea kayaks, paddles, buoyancy aids, spray decks, and group safety items.

What is not included?: Flights. Personal expedition clothing, camping equipment and day food.

Pre-requisites: Able to be a competent group member of a guided sea kayaking expedition – BCU 3* Sea is a comparable standard, though rolling skills are not essential. Experience of wilderness camping. Be paddle fit at the start of the trip as there may be consecutive days of 20+ km paddling, sometimes in moderate winds. A flexible nature and good sense of humor along with a group-focused approach are all vital.

Contact: For more information and expedition itinerary, cost or to register, e-mail

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