Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Objects of Desire

Tahe Marine, who are one of the biggest kayak manufacturers in Northern Europe, and who sponsor my partner Helen, have generously provided her with a Greenland OC to use at the 6th UK Storm Gathering and for future events/ clinics in the UK.

Tahe Marine, who are based in Estonia, are enjoying a growing reputation around the world as a strong and reliable company who does not compromise on a single detail. Helen was impressed by the attention to detail she saw whilst visiting the Tahe Marine factory this summer. Certainly seeing this beauty emerge from the wrappings, one would agree that dedicated craftsmen put this together :o)

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Mark Sundin said...

G'day Mark,
I also visited the Tahe guys last year & was similarly impressed, it's like the NASA of kayak factories! Helen's boat looks fantastic, maybe a rolling limited edition?
All the best,