Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Objects of Desire

I've been using Barz sunglasses and goggles even since I came across them at the New York Kayak company in 2003. However, as is the way of things, I do tend to 'misplace' my glasses from time to time. So having contacted Kevin, he very promptly sent me out a pair Naurus (see above and blow) and I decided to go for broke and get a pairs of Floaters and a pair of Seaways too.

Barz Optics is an Australian based family company located at Burleigh Heads in Queensland on the east coast of Australia. The Company was established in 1996 by Kevin Barr - a former surfing champion with 30 years experience in the surf, snow ski and sailboard industries.

Having used each pair in rotation this summer, and as someone who works outdoors in all sorts of conditions and environments, I can't stress enough how important good eye protection is. So even if your local retailer doesn't stock Barz, I would recommend investing in quality glasses for the long term care of your peepers :o)

Photographs by Mark Tozer and Helen Wilson


John G said...

Nice glasses. I know exactly where most of my "misplaced" sunglasses are, at the bottom of the sea, sitting there along with that day hatch that sunk like a lead weight. Putting black things on a black deck is always a recipe for disaster, I might as well just throw the stuff away ;)

It's so sad watching sunglasses glinting in the last of the sunlight they will ever see as they sink in to the darkness just out of reach. One of these days I will manage to dive in, grab them, and roll back up, missed them last time!

Taran Tyla said...

Hi Mark, I've been using Sea Specs for a few months & can't recommend them enough. They float & got a strap fitted so no more lost sunnies :)

Sea Kayak Mark said...

The Seaways are similar to the Sea Specs but I have found the lenses on the Seaways to be a more durable though

Either way, its good to have glasses strapped to your head at times! :o)