Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kayaking in Thailand

Modern sea kayaking can trace its ancestry to the lands of Alaska, Canada and Greenland. However, unlike the original need for such crafts to be used for hunting and connecting communities, sea kayaking in the present  day is very much a recreational activity that can take place on any type of waters.  Be that lakes, rivers, estuaries as well as the open ocean, at home or abroad.

Interest in kayaking has spread globally, and is a popular activity for many people who want to have a safe adventure whilst on holiday. And even though not everywhere will have the traditional sea kayak available for use, accessing boats like sit-on-tops can be an equally fun way to discover the sea and all that it has to offer. One such destination where you can enjoy a peaceful vacation far away from the crowded city streets, and explore its waterways by kayak, is Thailand.

Kayaking in Thailand

There are literally hundreds of pristine areas along the Thailand coast, as well as inland, which offer up numerous opportunities for adventure and exploration in a tranquil environment beset amongst some of the most spectacular landscapes. No other place in the world allows you to kayak to a deserted beach and camp out under the stars, whilst enjoying the food you prepare over an open campfire. For many, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Many paddlers prefer coastal sea kayaking holidays versus inland ones. Travelers can spend days kayaking around numerous islands in the Andaman Sea, exploring deep into the reaches of the fantastic Mangrove forests, observing all the wildlife the region is home to, and seeing some of the most massive limestone outcroppings in the world. Phang Nga Bay is one of the more popular tourist destinations, especially for those visitors who have come to enjoy a sea kayaking adventure. So you can expect this area to be rather crowded during the peak tourist season.

Kayaking in Remote Area

Although Phang Nga Bay is a popular tourist destination just outside of Phuket, there are still a number of opportunities to avoid the hoards of international travelers and locals so that you can go kayaking in remote areas and enjoy a peaceful environment. One of the most tranquil settings in Phang Nga Bay is the island of Koh Yao Noi. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy some excellent camping and kayaking, then this is the island to visit. There are numerous day trips available out to the island with high quality rental equipment available so you can explore the island shoreline unsupervised.

Kayaking Adventures

If you’re looking for a kayaking adventure, then you will probably want to explore the inland reaches of Thailand. The crowded beaches of Phuket will suddenly fade into the distance when you explore some of the hidden islands and lagoons along and off the coastline. This is adventure kayaking at its finest. You can find a number of waterways and swamps while visiting Bangkok as well, but the environment is not as pristine as what the shores along the Andaman coast are. Pollution is still a huge issue in Bangkok, although the situation has improved somewhat in recent years. That is the primary reason for considering the many opportunities that Phuket, the surrounding areas, and the Andaman coast offer.

Getting There

Reaching Thailand by air today is easier than ever before, thanks to a number of international flights to Bangkok available in numerous countries throughout the world. Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, mainly due to its excellent cuisine, fascinating culture, great beaches and a tropical climate. However, for many international travellers it is the thrill of sea kayaking and kayaking tours in Thailand that attract these visitors.


carin said...

Kayaking in Thailand can be brilliant. We made a trip last winter to the parts south of Krabi down towards Malaysia. Don't miss the Dugong island Koh Libong.

Lee said...

Well.....I'm sold!