Wednesday, July 14, 2010

5th UK Storm Gathering

- Wild Northumberland 30 & 31st October -

I am pleased to announce that the 5th UK Storm Gathering Sea Symposium will be embracing the elements  in wild Northumberland this autumn. It will be based near Berwick Upon Tweed and the aim is to show off the fantastic Berwickshire and North Northumberland coastline, which is classed as an area of outstanding beauty. Guided trips will be available in these areas and out the amazing Farne Islands.

A selection of BCU qualified Level 4 and Level 5 coaches will lead each group of paddlers with an assistant to help. All paddlers need to be of at least an intermediate standard. Remember, this is a Storm Gathering after all and 3 of the last 4 have lived up the name's reputation, and there isn't a lot of shelter in Northumberland when its does blow!

Saturday’s evenings entertainment will be a short video of an extraordinary sea kayak adventure to Chile, the first showing outside of Scotland! As well as some slides and a buffet style meal. A range of accommodation is available including heated Wooden Wigwams! Local guest houses, B&B’s & Camping 

The event will be hosted by Ollie Jay of Active4Seasons and all enquiries should be made through the contact page via the web-site.

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