Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Understanding Educational Expeditions

I would just like to make you aware of a new book that has been brought to fruition by Dr Simon Beames from the University of Edinburgh

This is certainly a much needed resource particularly for those of us who organise activities of this nature. Having cited Simon's work in the past and referred to his papers in my lectures, I feel this is the next logical step for gaining contempoary information on a growing area of study and research

Understanding Educational Expeditions explores theory that can be used to inform how educational expeditions are conceptualised, planned, and facilitated. Aiming to bridge theory and practice, each chapter outlines relevant literature, highlights key areas for consideration, and offers suggestions for real-world application. The book will be of interest to researchers, university students, expedition organisers, and outdoor instructors.

The contributors offer a wide range of perspectives through which expeditions for educational purposes can be considered. Eleven accessible chapters examine the following topics:

- The British Youth Expedition: Cultural and Historical Perspectives

- Virtue Ethics and Expeditions

- Interactionism and Expeditions

- The Expedition and Rites of Passage

- Science on Expeditions

- Choices, Values, and Untidy Processes: Personal, Social, and Health Education on Educational Expeditions

- Expeditions and Liberal Arts University Education

- Understanding Heritage Travel: Story, Place, and Technology

- Expeditions for People with Disabilities

- Ethics for Expeditions

- Current Issues

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