Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sea Kayak Trip Planning – Overview

Choose a paddling area
- Consider sea and land features, exposure to tidal streams, no landing zones, busy harbours

Obtain a weather forecast
- Choose a suitable source, using the most recent issue
- Consider the weather patterns of the previous 48 hours

Look at the tidal picture
- Interpret the sources of information to gain an impression of the likely conditions

Consider the day’s objectives
- Time available, distance to travel (journeying v exploration), type of trip – A to B or return

Work out a detailed paddling plan
- Start/ finish points, emergency bays
- Alternative routes or paddling activities
- Expected tidal stream, slack water times, existence of tidal gates
- Distances, expected times of departure and arrival
- Compass bearings

Prepare a list of personal/ group equipment
- Always take warm clothing, food and a hot drink, survival bag
- Along with first aid kit, repair kit, flares, towline and spare paddles

Notify a shore contact of intended trip
- Include details of route card, numbers in group (people/ boats), ETD and ETA
- Notify shore contact again at the end of the day
- Consider when you might want to contact HM Coastguard

Double-check everything!

Enjoy the day :o)

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