Sunday, December 31, 2006

Out With The Old, In With The New

Its almost 2007 and the plan is to take it easy on one of the outerlying Scottish islands. Though to get there I'll be using a CalMac ferry rather than my trusty Alaw Bach but even that depends on the adverse weather that is reportedly on its way. Why go all that way for peace and quiet? Simple really, being far from home helps clear the mind and allows me to focus on the things that matter. It's a time for looking forward rather than back over my shoulder. So over the last few days, not only have I been amusing myself by searching out a number of novel gadgets, but I've been looking at maps, guidebooks and some of the better sea kayaking sites for inspiration for future trips. The usual resolutions emerge - get fitter, eat better, do more, spend less but without certain goals its easy to loose sight of what your doing these things for.

One things for sure...............whatever you dream, make sure you live it sometimes too

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