Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Simplifying The Roll - March 28 & April 11, Anglesey

Date: March 28 & April 11, 2015

Location: Anglesey, Wales

Meeting Point: Summit To Sea, Valley.

Class: Simplifying The Roll.

Coaches: Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer are both accomplished paddlers and frequent guest coaches at symposia and kayaking events across the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world. They are based out of Northern California, where they offer coaching and trips through their business, Greenland or Bust -

Overview: The techniques examined in this class can be used with any type of paddle and any type of kayak. The class will move through a steady progression of on-land exercises, in-water activities as well as boat-based practice. Topics that can be covered include first rolls, other-side rolls, layback paddle rolls, forward finish paddle rolls, norsaq rolls, hand rolls and beyond. Participants will receive individualised coaching during the class, and a personalised action plan at the end.

Class 1: 09.00 – 12.30 Saturday March 28 / April 11

Class 2: 13.30 – 17.00 Saturday March 28 / April 11

Cost: Each class costs £60 and if you choose to book both sessions you will receive a £20 discount.

You also have the option to purchase a copy of the DVD “Simplifying The Roll with Helen Wilson" at the reduced price of £15 when you book a class.

Prerequisites: This is a multi-level class and is open to paddlers of all abilities.

Equipment: Full immersion gear is required plus own boat and paddle. No need to be a Greenland kayaker but we hope to have paddles available for participants to try if they wish.

Booking: For more information please contact or to book a place contact Helen and Mark at Greenland or Bust -

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BCU 4 Star Sea Training With CNTP: March 30 to April 3, Anglesey

Date: March 30 - April 3, 2015.

Location: Anglesey

Cost: £350 non-residential

Includes: 4 Star Sea Training & Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning.

Description: This five-day training course will cover the necessary elements of leadership, group safety and seamanship skills, as well as developing personal performance as set out in the BCU 4 Star Sea and CNTP syllabi.

Completion of the training course will lead to a personalised action plan in preparation for the BCU 4 Star assessment. The course will cover:

Personal Paddling Skills

• Lifting, carrying and launching/landing
• Efficient and effective sea paddling skills
• Forward paddling
• Reversing and stopping
• Maintaining direction
• Changing direction
• Moving sideways
• Support strokes
• Rolling
• Practical navigation

Rescue Skills, Safety, Leadership and Group Management

• Boat and shore based safety and rescue skills
• Incident management and first aid in the 4 star environment
• Being an effective team leader and team member in rescues/incidents
• Application of leadership
• Leadership strategies, judgement and decision making
• Safety awareness and risk management
• Group control and management
• Equipment


• Safety (includes coastguard and rescue services)
• Weather
• Hypothermia/first aid
• Access
• Planning
• Group awareness and management
• Navigation
• Etiquette (includes collision regulations and signals)
• General (and historical)
• Leadership responsibilities
• Water features/hazards

Prerequisites: BCU 3 Star standard skills.

BCU Information: For syllabus details, visit the BCU website.

Contact: For more information, write to us at

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

February's Newsletter


At the time of writing this, Storm Gathering USA is just one month away! We are thrilled to have so many paddlers coming from out of the area to play in our home waters. Registration continues through the end of February, but classes are filling fast, so for the best class selection, register soon! The event has top notch coaches, including Justine Curgenven, who will presenting Friday night on "Kayaking the Aleutians." Click HERE for a teaser. Friday night's beer will be provided by an awesome event sponsor, Kokatat.

Ben Lawry is hosting Saturday night's entertainment, which includes a lively slideshow, a social gathering, a raffle and beer provided by another awesome event sponsor, Thule. There are a couple of surprises in the works for that evening, so stay tuned. We are very excited about this event, and hope that you'll join us for it.

After the Storm Gathering, we have classes scheduled in the UK, and then Helen heads to Charleston, South Carolina for the East Coast Paddlesports & Outdoor Festival. She'll then be at the Paddle Marathon Laguna Bacalar 2015 in Bacalar, Mexico then heading to Lodi, California for some rolling and rescue classes. After all that, our Rebel Kayaks supported Nordic Tour begins.

This year's tour is bigger and better than ever, and we have classes scheduled in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We are very excited to be back for another tour, and look forward to seeing all of our Scandinavian friends again. Click HERE for more details of our 2015 tour schedule.

Have you ever dreamed of kayaking in Antarctica? We are guiding an expedition there from December 31, 2015 to January 27/28, 2016. E-mail us at for details.

In other news, we are now home from our Jamaica Circumnavigation Attempt. Please stay tuned for a complete blog about our adventures, which will be published by Canoe and Kayak Magazine.

As usual, visit for more information and our current Events calendar and Blog postings. For questions, comments or to schedule us in your neighborhood, e-mail

Happy paddling!

Helen and Mark

Helen's Mentoring Madness

With Storm Gathering USA coming up next month, we have had symposiums on our mind both night and day. There's a lot to do, and a lot to think about.

One of the main factors that goes in to organizing a symposium is who should teach what. Most coaches excel in teaching certain types of classes, but most don't excel in teaching every type of class. A nice thing about symposiums is the wide range of skills that the instructors are able to present as a team.

We believe that everyone; beginners, intermediate paddlers, advanced paddlers and instructors can benefit from taking a class or two at a symposium. Not only are classes fun, but no matter where your skill level is at, it's always possible to take it up a notch or two. We are thrilled to have such a strong coaching team at the event hat not only coach, but also enjoy being coached.

Program Schedule

Rough Water Boat Handling:
February 14, Anglesey, Wales

Sea Kayak Surfing:
February 15, Anglesey, Wales

BCU 4 Star Sea Assessment:
February 21 to 22, Anglesey, Wales

BCU 3 Star Training:
February 25, Anglesey, Wales

Storm Gathering USA:
March 6 to 8, Trinidad, California

Simplifying the Roll:
March 28, Anglesey, Wales

Traditional Skills & Greenland Rolling:
March 29, Anglesey, Wales

4 Star Sea Training and Coastal Navigation:
March 30 to April 3, Anglesey, Wales

Anglesey Adventure Week:
April 6 to 10, Anglesey, Wales

Simplifying the Roll:
April 11, Anglesey, Wales

Traditional Skills & Greenland Rolling:
April 12, Anglesey, Wales

East Coast Paddlesports and Outdoor Festival:
April 17 to 19, Charleston, South Carolina

Private Rolling Classes during the ENC Kayaking Social:
April 23 to 26, Trinidad, California

Paddle Marathon Laguna Bacalar 2015:
May 1 to 3, Bacalar, Mexico

Simplifying the Roll
May 16 and 17, Lodi, California

Simplifying the Rescue:
May 16, Lodi, California


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Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer • (707) 834-5501

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Storm Gathering USA - Symposium Update

Greetings Paddlers!

We hope that you're doing well and getting out on the water a lot… and if you aren't, here's your chance. Storm Gathering USA is coming up in just five short weeks, and we wanted to give you an update.

Things are coming together quickly, and registered participants have been sent their itineraries.

Classes are filling fast, one is totally full and several others only have one or two available places. This means that if you haven't registered yet, you better get on it for the best class selection. Click HERE to link to the class descriptions.

News for this week, times and days of classes are now posted.

Our event's speakers are Justine Curgenven on Friday night and Ben Lawry on Saturday night. Below are the programs for each evening.

Friday Evening Presentation: The Aleutian islands stretch like a broken bridge from Russia to Alaska, renowned for strong winds, dangerous tidal rips and sheer remoteness. In 2014, two women took on one of the last great sea kayaking journeys, attempting a world first 2,500 km paddle along the Aleutian island chain and Alaskan peninsula. Experienced expedition paddler Justine Curgenven described it as her most challenging journey, made more so because she was with an inexperienced paddler who had only just learnt to roll. In a nail biting adventure, Sarah Outen and Justine are taken away from land by unknown currents, approached by bears, grounded by headwinds, scared by sea lions in the night and given an insight into the lives of the few people who live in this harsh and beautiful landscape. The film of this incredible 101 day adventure has only just been released. Justine will show extracts from the film and tell behind-the-scene stories.

Saturday Evening Presentation: Ben Lawry will host a social evening of entertainment which will include a lively slideshow, a raffle, beer provided by Thule and a social gathering.

We've been updating the Storm Gathering USA website as exciting things happen, so visit soon, and visit often :-)

One final note… Trinidad is GORGEOUS. Wherever you're coming from, it's worth the trek. But just to make it a little simpler, we're about a five-hour drive north from San Francisco, an eight-hour drive south from Portland, or a hop, skip and eight-mile jump from the Eureka/Arcata airport (airport code ACV), and there's even an airport shuttle - Door To Door Airporter - that can help you out with that jump.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we hope to see you in March!

Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer